Believe it or not, there have been multiple studies on the positive therapeutic
effects of a well decorated home with colorful wall art and beautifully designed
home decor products.

A decluttered home that is pleasing to the eye can enhance the residents’ feeling
of inner peace and security. Even the aroma and lighting of your home can affect
your emotional outlook and enrich your moods.
When choosing your artwork for each individual room, you might want to take
advantage of some of the impressive research regarding the effects of certain
colors on our feelings and emotions. Some of them are even known to provide
remarkable healing benefits. 

Decorating With Metal Wall Art

For example, wall art with a splash of yellow often subliminally creates an
atmosphere of optimism and warmth. This is why you often see kitchens and
living rooms painted in this effervescent shade.
You can also increase the sense of spirituality that you feel in your home by
choosing specific types of home decor products such as flower-filled vases and
strategically placed gemstones or crystals. 
This is a main reason why floral prints and tapestries have always been so popular
in home furnishings.  

Crystals and amethysts lend a healing process of absorbing negative energy in the
surroundings. These too, along with gemstones, can revitalize your mental and
physical energies as well.
Wall art and pictures can often be simple reminders to ourselves of previous good times
and inspirational events, leading to a sense of increased ambition and drive. 
Art with hues of blues and greens tend to provide a calming effect, which is why many
of our bedrooms are painted in these colors. And if you want to add a hint of passion to
any room, purchase a beautiful painting with some vibrant red touches to accentuate
the mood.