Affordable… Accessible… That is what we believe quality artwork should be. Those added elements makes a house, a home. Someplace you will enjoy relaxing and living, surrounded by beauty. That's what art means to us, and that's what we hope to offer to our customers.

Based in Singapore, Arte Decor strives to provide every customer with high quality and high fashion works of art and home decor that won't break the bank. From hand-painted abstracts to elegant cushion covers, we've got what you need.



We think art is a way to express your personality. It should be interesting. Bold. Unique. It should evoke feelings in the viewer and give them that warm fuzzy feeling that makes them feel right at home.

Our artwork is expertly crafted and designed to reflect only the highest levels of quality. From abstract paintings and wall art, to refined pillow covers and runners, our products made with an eye for those minute details that make a product truly unique. We don't add a product unless we would be proud to display it in our own homes.