Real, genuine artwork shouldn't be something only an elite few can enjoy.
Our canvas oil painting is hand painted, beautiful and unique.
But it's not enough to offer artwork that others will enjoy looking at.
It has to be affordable too. That's why our paintings are offered at premium prices that fit modest budgets,
so you don't have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. 


Summer Afternoon

$339.00 SGD

This oil painting is available in a variety of different compositions that work effectively both as individuals, and as a triptych together. The color palette is carefully selected to promote feelings of relaxation and warmth. If you look closely at the blossom, you will notice how the light delicately catches the edges of the petals, the way that the afternoon summer...

Color Dance Abstract

$349.00 SGD

A powerful sense of motion has been achieved in this abstract painting on canvas through the combination of a rich color palette and the strong consistency of mark making. The colors are similar to the exotic and rich palette selections of Paul Gauguin as he painted the lively and mystical scenes of island life on the far-flung south pacific islands....

Mist Abstract

$329.00 SGD

A mesmerizing example of Abstract Expressionism, this unique painting on canvas commands attention and rewards repeated viewings. A palette knife is used to build up many layers of quick, expressive marks on top of one another, creating a rippling surface of harmonious color and light. This is an animated, emotional and carefully considered artistic process where the image can all...

Detail Abstract

$589.00 SGD

The true quality of this hand painted artwork comes from the intricately detailed lines that are used to create the rich texture that is ubiquitous across its surface. The graphic straight lines are grouped into sections, like the cut faces of a rock or rare mineral, yet the view is too close to give any kind of clear and definite...

Viscous Web Abstract

$609.00 SGD

Layered in sections of color and form, this artwork is an exceptionally atmospheric centerpiece for any room or environment. The muted and cold color palette adds to the subtly of the overall impression of the hand painted artwork. Boldness is achieved with the introduction of dark, organic forms that stretch over the augmented sky blue tones and deep earthen hues...

Deep Shade Blue Leaves

$529.00 SGD

Inspired by the aesthetics of woodcut prints, this original oil painting uses deep shadows to create rich areas of texture and form. The plant leaves cover the entire composition and allow the atmosphere to slip towards abstraction, an artistic technique that simultaneously forces our attention onto the incredibly intricate detail and brushwork. The atmosphere is intense and captivating, and the...