Real, genuine artwork shouldn't be something only an elite few can enjoy.
Our canvas oil painting is hand painted, beautiful and unique.
But it's not enough to offer artwork that others will enjoy looking at.
It has to be affordable too. That's why our paintings are offered at premium prices that fit modest budgets,
so you don't have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. 


Serene Orchids

$339.00 SGD

Serene and tranquil, this oil painting offers a space for relaxation and contemplation. The light gently diffuses throughout the entire canvas, fading into shadow on the left. The brilliant orange daubs of the orchids emerge from this darkened area surrounded by the soft creme forms of their petals. The stalks add texture to the overall impression, and also assist in...

Beach in the Evening Sun

$329.00 SGD

Light, airy and expansive, this is a carefree and optimistic oil painting. The scene expertly renders the light as it changes during the end of a blazing summers day. The last few figures continue to play as the sun turns towards dusk and the colors of the light reach their most vivid. The turquoise skies react brilliantly with the burnt...

Crimson Two Tone Abstract Art Canvas

$329.00 SGD

A bold and gestural oil painting, this modern abstract is a powerful centerpiece for any room. The striking combination of red, white and black leaves a lasting impression and is complimented by the strong horizontal composition. The central black area of texture breaks up the other sections of color, as well as acting like a waterline between the sea and...

Horizontal Two Tone Abstract

$249.00 SGD

This wall decor painting is influenced by the work of the Abstract Expressionists. This group of artists believed that personal freedom and expression were the most important principles that anyone could apply to their own creative practices. This oil painting is a heavily textured artwork that makes use of exactly the same ideologies. The painting is expressive and raw. The...

The Secret Waterfall

$459.00 SGD

Here we can see the luscious branches and fruits growing out in front of the misty waterfall behind them. The waterfall in the background is painted softy, although we understand it to be powerful. It is represented in a way that focuses our attention more on its poetic and aesthetic qualities. The vapor that rises from its cascading waters spread...

The Seasons In Focus Canvas Art

$559.00 SGD

This stunning painting on canvas is available in a wide range of different colors. As well as the light violet and green combination, it can be crimson red, cobalt blue, jade green and fiery orange. These other variations act like examples of the changing seasons, like the leaves of the painting changing color with the ending of one age and the...