Real, genuine artwork shouldn't be something only an elite few can enjoy.
Our canvas oil painting is hand painted, beautiful and unique.
But it's not enough to offer artwork that others will enjoy looking at.
It has to be affordable too. That's why our paintings are offered at premium prices that fit modest budgets,
so you don't have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. 


Stormy Mountain Top

$489.00 SGD

A wild and enthralling storm whips over the crest of this jagged mountaintop. The rocky summit is completely surrounded and conditions are serious, but the artwork demonstrates the beauty and magnificence that is found through experiencing such a moment. This original modern abstract painting on canvas harks back to the principles of Romanticism, offering a contemplation of man in the...

Morning Encounter

$489.00 SGD

This artwork depicts a commonplace, but visually delightful occurrence in the natural world. The butterfly flutters its way over to the inviting flower, and the implied movement creates a sense of space within the yellow background. This extends to the space around the oil painting, as a clever psychological trick is used to subconsciously increase the sense of scale and...

The Yellow Flower

$489.00 SGD

A rich contrast is created in this oil painting with the combination of the elegant, soft yellow on a harsh black background. The monochromatic backdrop forces our attention onto the detail of the flower. The gradual color changes, painted with thin layers of carefully mixed hues of yellow, form an impressive overall texture to the painting on canvas. The composition...

Cherry Blossom Landscape

$529.00 SGD

Harmonious and languid, this oil painting is highly atmospheric and calming. The dark, textured branches of the cherry tree offset the bountiful rose pink colors, stretching across the surface of the painting on canvas and leading the eye around the artwork. This contrast adds brightness to the overall effect and harmony. The deep blue mountains in the background add a...

The Sunlit Flowers

$369.00 SGD

A cascade of sunlight and texture, it is only on closer inspection that the lovebirds come into view. The entire canvas of this original oil painting is flooded with color, and there is not a dull area. The detail, and the exuberant colorings of the feathers of the birds create an additional area of interest within the overall abundance of texture...

The Dream Flower

$369.00 SGD

The soft forms of this original oil painting are dreamlike and viscous. The dark background places the flower in an imaginative context, suspended and free from being easily tied down by interpretation. It is also designed to accentuate the cream and yellow of the flower itself, and channel attention onto the expertly painted brushstrokes and washes that have been applied.  A...