Real, genuine artwork shouldn't be something only an elite few can enjoy.
Our canvas oil painting is hand painted, beautiful and unique.
But it's not enough to offer artwork that others will enjoy looking at.
It has to be affordable too. That's why our paintings are offered at premium prices that fit modest budgets,
so you don't have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. 


The Swirling Flowers Canvas Oil Painting

$499.00 SGD

This colorful wall decor painting is a vibrant, expressive example of a highly creative still life. The bold pinks and reds are brought to life by the adjacent deep greens and yellows. The whites and soft blues add balance to the color palette. The same brushstroke techniques are repeated throughout the painting, swirling, gestural marks that create movement throughout the...

The Sunlit Field Canvas Oil Painting

$529.00 SGD

This painting on canvas combines both elements of abstraction and representation. In the foreground, the plants and flowers have been picked out with skilled and deliberate brushstrokes. The light that reflects off the petals at the front becomes evenly distributed across the field as it reaches the receding background of the picture. In this top section the color is spread...

The Secret Flora Canvas Art Painting

$649.00 SGD

This botanical themed painting is deeply mysterious. Its atmosphere is tranquil and relaxed, calming us when we explore it with our eyes and wonder at the secrets that it holds behind its dense layers of fascinating plants and flowers. The background and foreground are skillfully blended so that our attention is subtly driven further into this wall decor painting. If...

The Luscious Garden Canvas Art Painting

$649.00 SGD

The luxuriously oil painted flowers, plants and undergrowth are so evocative that you can almost smell the perfumes of the fauna. The thick impasto and gestural marks create an effect that lies on the edge between abstraction and representation. On one hand, you can make out the forms and colors of the leaves and petals, and see the wisps of...

The Fragmented Abstract Modern Wall Art

$419.00 SGD

An atmospheric modern abstract, this painting uses minimal means to maximum effect. A striking wall decor painting, its intriguing visual ideas create an original and fascinating style. You can see how the surface has been divided into a rigid and structured grid. The image has been abstractly painted, and then it has been seemingly cut up and collaged to form...

Smokescreen Modern Abstract Wall Art

$419.00 SGD

This original modern abstract uses exciting visual ideas to create a new and fascinating style. You will notice how the surface of this wall decor painting has been divided into a tightly structured grid. The abstracted image has been painted, and then it has been seemingly cut up and collaged to form a new, fragmented version of the same painting....