Real, genuine artwork shouldn't be something only an elite few can enjoy.
Our canvas oil painting is hand painted, beautiful and unique.
But it's not enough to offer artwork that others will enjoy looking at.
It has to be affordable too. That's why our paintings are offered at premium prices that fit modest budgets,
so you don't have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. 


Organic Abstract Canvas Art

$519.00 SGD

This multilayered and detailed abstract is a fascinating convergence of colored organic forms. The painting on canvas is complex and busy, and this makes it visually exciting to look at. The different forms seem to be borrowed from many different sources, coral formations or cells, jellyfish, rocks and floating autumn leaves in water. However each form denies any exact representation...

The White Tree In Moonlight Canvas Art Painting

$369.00 SGD

This charming painting on canvas shows a dreamlike tree at night. The half-light that is reflected off of the moon illuminates the white tree in the night. There is an incredibly atmospheric feel to this artwork, as if it were an illustration from a fantastical story. The colors are harmonious and warm, and the palette is controlled and sparing. The...

A Swirl of Elegance Canvas Painting

$349.00 SGD

A powerful spiraling composition brings dynamism and excitement to this still life artwork in a contemporary and original way. The swirling fabric wave is painted with bold and pronounced shadows and highlights and firmly ties the bouquet of elegant flowers into the center of the canvas. The aqua blue tone and soft creme of the petals is a color combination...

Sunset Over the Horizon Canvas Painting

$329.00 SGD

This atmospheric scene depicts the setting sun as it dips below the nearby horizon and night draws closer. A strong contrast is created between the land and the sky. The dark red and brown earth is covered by shadow, whilst the sky is lit up by the majestic fading pink and purple rays of the last embers of the sun....

The Raging Waters Canvas Art Painting

$389.00 SGD

This abstract landscape oil painting describes a mythical and surreal scene. We are led into the painting on canvas by a winding white river. As we follow the river its source in the distance can be found, and the landscape unfolds before us. The rocky forms of the mountains are otherworldly and heavily stylized, and over them the cascading water...

Rocky Abstract in the Mist Canvas Art Painting

$369.00 SGD

This abstract landscape painting is unusual because of the positioning on the canvas. The subject is a landscape, yet the canvas is placed portrait way up. The composition and subject can account for this. Although an abstract oil painting, forms that are loosely representative of mountains, trees, rocks and flowers appear across the surface of the artwork. For example, the...