Gold foil and sweet pink and rose colors work perfectly together in this painting on canvas. Spring hangs in the air as the perfume of the flowers softly drifts from its painted surface. The atmosphere is lush and rich, and the different tones each compliment one another excellently in this finely painted artwork. The brushwork and carefully applied layers of oil washes fit perfectly with the regal shine of the gold foil, and the fine and delicate marks describe the realistic and artistic petals and flowers. A swirling composition has been used to pull our attention further into the mood and sensory experience of this painting. The branches that hold the flowers spiral around to create a focal point, whilst also allowing the viewers gaze to flitter across the surface to other areas of interest. Tone has been used effectively to create depth, see how the branches become lighter and increasingly hazy as they move further away. This artistic method mimics the way that the human eye perceives colors, distance and form.

Size: 150 x 120 cm
Technique: 100% Hand painted. Gold Foil application on Canvas. 
Details: Rolled & shipped in tube.

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$679.00 SGD