Add the shimmering twinkle of stars to any room with this wall sticker. It has a striking reflective surface that adds a shiny effect that is sure to catch your eye, and with an adhesive backing, it easily attaches to any wall or ceiling.

Design: Stars
Material: Acrylic
Size: 39 cm-3, 19 cm-7 & 8 cm-32 (Set of 42pc)
Weight: 0.95kg


1. Please make sure the wall/ceiling surface is clean.
2. Mark out the areas where you would want to place 
    the stickers. 
3. Paste the sticky tags onto the stickers.
4. You can start applying them to the wall surface.

NOTE: Mirrored Wall Sticker is reflective but 
           it does not function like a mirror.

$50.90 SGD